Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ahi Tuna

I have never cooked Ahi Tuna before, for some reason I thought it is kind of complicated and for a real Chef, not for me. But guess what? - I followed the instructions this time! :-) And, I suppose the result I got was the right one: fried from the outside, raw on the inside.
And from this experience now I can tell  for sure: I am  not a fan of any raw meat or poultry. I can't eat undercooked filet mignon or anything cooked below the "medium" grade, the only exception is beef tartar.
However my picky husband raved about this one, I guess all raw meat-fish lovers would enjoy this recipe.
So here it is, Ahi Tuna:
-fillet of Ahi Tuna
-olive oil (or coconut oil)
-sesame seeds
-black ground pepper
-dry herbs (whichever you like)

Make a seasoning: mix oil with herbs and spices.
Dip each fish fillet in seasoning and sesame seeds. Make sure you skillet is very hot. Fry your fish 1 minute at each side. The End.

I served it with  black rice, which I adore (much more than any raw fish). I undercooked it (I like it a little bit crunchy), making my husband hate this rice, as HE supposes that eating undercooked rice is dangerous (it sounds pretty ridiculous while he is eating his raw fish) . Anyway, it was really really good rice!
I added a drop of truffle oil and drizzle with a lemon zest.

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