Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The way of life

Some time ago, don't even remember when exactly, I have decided that my small (so far) family is going to eat healthily  Step by step, I have learned about new cooking techniques, ingredients and surprisingly I opened a whole new world of food and culinary to myself.
Recently I've discovered that the way I'm trying to cook and eat is called Clean Eating. I personally prefer to call it Healthy Eating though. Here are few examples of what I eat and what I try to avoid in my daily menu:

-no white flour. Only whole wheat everything. I still use and absolutely love almond, coconut, oats flour, which I use for baking;
-no sugar. My substitutions are fruits, honey, agave syrup;
-no white rice. Not even a brown Rice. Black wild rice only.
-no canned soups, meals.
-no butter. My substitution is avocado, no sugar added apple sauce, coconut butter.
-no mayo (of course:-))
-nothing deep fried.
- a LOT of fruits and Vegies.
-flex/chia seeds should be added to as many dishes as possible.

Basically I just look into the ingredient list when I buy something. The less ingredients you see, the better it is for your health. I have recently found this cute Pomme (I think it is Pomme..) tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes which consists of tomatoes only! Cool huh? 
Well, to tell you the truth I think homemade everything is much healthier and tastier than store-bought products. However, the lack of time and of course the laziness doesn't let me to cook my own, very real tomato sauce for hours.

I know there are much more healthy substitutions which were made by professional nutritionists, and I am still learning a lot of things.
My only problem is that occasionally its really hard to get a nice, yummy result with all those substitutions. 

And of course there are no possible substitutions to a fresh baked, still warm and crispy French baguette with a dollop of good butter on it!..mmm..

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