Thursday, August 8, 2013


My favorite summer drinks are iced sangria and frozen margarita.
While I am leaving margarita for the professianals to make, sangria is very easy and quick to prepare.You can see homemade sangria almost at every baby shower or girls night out. I think this drink is very feminine. A rare man would ask his buddies out to enjoy a glass of sangria .
There are tons of homemade sangria recipes, but  the general idea is the same: adding fruits to it.

Here is the way how I "load" my sangria to perfection. You will need a pitcher or a big bowl and ice. I also noticed that the smaller fruit pieces you have, the more infused sangria you get.
-2 bottles of store bought sangria (any kind you like)
-vodka, up to your liking (you can start with 1 tbsp of vodka per 2 cups of sangria)
-fresh or frozen berries (raspberries, blueberries, black raspberries, etc.)
-zest of 1 orange
-1 orange, sliced or chopped
-10 big strawberries, chopped
-1 big granny smith apple, nicely chopped
- lime wedges (optional)
-few leaves of mint (optional)

Pour sangria into a large bowl or pitcher. Mix in vodka, orange zest and fruits.  Let it sit in a cool place for at least an hour. Right before the party add ice. Decorate with mint if using. If  sangria is too strong, add more ice or sangria (if any left)
Enjoy! ;-) 


  1. Do you have to use sangria to make sangria?... Or it was your choice?

    1. You have to use store bought sangria, to make it taste better. I don't know how to make actual sangria at home. Maybe once I have vineyards, I'll tell you the recipe :-)

    2. I just read that sangria can be made from different kinds of wine either red or white ones. With addition of soda, sugar and few other items. However I think store bought one is a quick and not as bad option at all.