Monday, July 1, 2013

Have you tried Pasta Carbonara, the authentic one?

Not being an expert in Italian cuisine (yet), I always thought that pasta Carbonara  goes with a cream in it. Mistake! 
My  food passion and curiosity lead me to a few websites with authentic Italian recipes.
I am so happy and excited to explore, learn and cook from it! And of course share my acquired knowledge, mistakes and achievements here! If you want to share your authentic recipes, go ahead, I would love to know which ones are you favorite and why.
This recipe is quick (15 minutes maximum), easy and very delicious.
I must confess, the eggs for some reason sat up a little while cooking, which definitely didn't make me happy, yet this pasta was soooo tasty, I almost licked my plate.
Worth trying! 
Here is the source I used: Please see the recipe here
My only substitution- whole wheat spaghetti. 

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