Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bolognese sauce

I always crave for Italian food. I even have this dream to find an authentic Italian (and Mexican, Mediterranean,  German, etc) restaurant, where some italian grandma will cook italian dishes exactly as they cook back in Italy. It wouldn't be anything fancy, rather I imagine it would be small and cozy, home-style restaurant.
Aaaaanyway, my first attempt to make a bolognese sauce ended up great! I got a rich, flavorful, delicious sauce with mid-thick (does this word exist in the dictionary?) texture. I froze half of it, so it will save me a lot of cooking hours next time I to serve it.

What is interesting, is that I found out that the bolognese sauce should be never served with spaghetti! The pasta you use for this sauce must be thick or tubular, so it holds meat pieces properly.
It would be great if you have a heavy bottom pan, as simmering this sauce in it for 3-4 hours will be much easier.

I adapted the recipe from this website, it seems to be one of the most authentic ones. The only thing I omitted were chicken hearts, other than that I kept all the ingredients and proportions as it is mentioned in original source. Here is another website without chicken hearts, well, those two recipes are pretty similar.

Thus there is no need to rewrite exactly the same recipe (click any of the provided link above). But I will be happy to show few pictures which I got during the cooking process. It was fun!


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