Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Before you decide to cook with me (important notes)

I think I should mention that I am an awful cook! 
No really, I do not say it to get an opposite compliment. I am really an awful, impatient, lazy cook. I never follow the recipe. EVER. No matter how many times I have promised myself to follow the recipe from the very beginning to the very end, it never works for me.
I  almost never use a measuring cup. I eyeball everything. Which is not good, to tell you the truth.. but usually it works :-) So if you think that you should use more or less ingredients which I have mentioned in my recipe, GO FOR IT! I am really trying my best to describe the closest possible way that I used to cook something because I always forget what and how much I have used.

Few facts which really upset me, and which I should work on  to learn as much as possible, are:
-I do not know how to work with flour. I Have never baked bread (on my TO DO list);
- As well as any kind of  meat preparation. I have tried to memorize beef cuts and how to cook each one, and I failed. I really need more practice with it. Also, I'm kind of afraid to cook meat, as I do not know which temperature, conditions,marinade,etc I should  use (well, I can simply follow the recipe  right?).If the meat I'm cooking turns out great, its just the matter of being lucky, not because I actually knew how to cook it.

But let me tell you why  I do keep cooking and have this blog in the fist place. 
Cooking is like a drug. The whole process in the kitchen  is like a magical scientific challenge or adventure. My husband thinks I'm a weirdo, because its absolutely fine for me to spend all day looking for and making  recipes, or purchasing new tableware. When I have extra money I do not buy new shoes, I go and buy new plates (seriously I should stop, we live in a small studio).
And what about that great feeling, when your friends thank you for a great dinner? This is soooo amazing, and this is exactly what pushes me to cook more.

If you are still with me, here is the conclusion. I am open to any kind of constructive criticism  if you know that some particular meat should be cooked in a completely different way, let me know! I will learn from you!
And please, don't judge me too hard, I'm only an amateur:-) 

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